100 trends : What's Up In Business and Culture for 2013

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About The 2013 Trend Report

While there are myriad trend lists on the web, we set out to create something better, that informs and amuses, broadens horizons, and inspires people to view the world a bit differently.

Join over 500 other curious trendspotters who have already checked out the report.


In reaction to similar reports that retail for $500 and up, we decided to make something that any culture connoisseur or small business can afford.

100 Trends in the arts, business, community, food, marketing and tech includes vital research to help you:

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Who benefits from this trend report?

Marketers: 100 Trends helps improve campaign planning, communication and product design by keeping you informed on the major themes and subtle side-notes shaping our culture this year.

Business leaders: It's all about foresight. Stay on top of what's happening in this rapidly evolving, choose-your-own-adventure world. Grasp the big picture and dig into the details to prepare your business for the next big thing.

Culture mavens: Agencies, bloggers, professors and anyone else with an eye on our society will have a wealth of inspiration for driving conversation through 2013.

What's inside?

100 Trends includes full analysis of each entry plus links to additional information in a beautifully-designed, easy- to-read format.

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